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I can provide for your pilot car service
a basic web site at a one time cost.

1 Page Site $15.00
2 to 4 Pages $25.00

More than that, contact me!

It will be a free hosted site on Tripod,
just like this one is!
I can get you on the web, if you don't understand
how, or simply have no time to put a site together.
I am by no means an expert,
I am sure you have seen fancier sites,
BUT the web increased my business dramatically!
I made $5,000 from runs
that I got from my web page in one month!
VERY good month)

Some of the sites I have designed:
They are all about to get a
big update,so check back!

Wheeler Pilot Car #1 Escort
Hendricks 24 HR Pilot Car Buffalo Bob's Escort
Rottys-R-Us (incomplete,they
never paid me)
Spirit of America
Thank a Veteran Kissing Benefits
911 Memorial