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Wide-Load Escorts Go On Strike
  • Drivers say they're not making minimum wage
Monday, April 03, 2000 - 02:29 PM ET
(WSBT) It's a big part of Michiana's economy, but manufactured housing companies may have a harder time finding escort safety drivers. This morning, a number of the drivers hit the picket lines. The drivers are currrently paid 60-cents a miles to escort manufactured housing units and other wide loads down the highway, with warning lights and signs on their cars. The escorts are required by law, since the loads are too wide for a single traffic lane. The drivers are asking for a rate hike to 70-cents a mile. They say that would help offset the higher fuel prices, and operating costs. Some drivers say that the current rate doesn't even add up to minimum wage. Not all drivers are walking the picket lines, though. Some are still on duty.

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