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The Benefits of Kissing

Eyes are known to be the windows to our soul. Lips, then, are
the servants of our consciousness.
Our lips respond to happy thoughts by smiling, they express our
innermost emotions with words of
love and hope, and are able to convey what no words ever can,
by kissing.

If you were to refer to a dictionary (in this case, the Chambers
20th Century Edition),
it would describe kissing as "to caress or salute with the lips".
Dictionaries know nothing about kissing!

It would be far better to look to the great poets and
romantics of our time.
Shakespeare calls it a "seal of our love" while
the witty Coleridge describes kissing
as "nectar breathing".

Kissing is the first physical expression of serious
attraction between two people.
They may hold each other closely, they may stare
into each other’s eyes deeply, but
their relationship cannot go any further until they kiss.

I am not referring to those quick pecks on the cheek or
even those cheeky under-the-mistletoe affairs,
but the kind where you hold her in your arms,
where breathing becomes a chore, where your blood
pulses through your veins
and you do not ever want to let her go...

Why Kiss?
People kiss because they are trying to satisfy a hunger within them,
a hunger that is as natural as the need for food, love,
a decent internet connection (are you listening AOL?).

It is the hunger for passion and the need to touch someone else,
to wrap your arms around the one you love that drives two lovers
to each other. This craving for human contact is instinctive.

Kissing is easy to learn. Most people do not actually read up on kissing,
preferring to hone their technique by trial and error.

I will be the first to admit though that textbook theory can never
substitute years of experience. But a little relevant kissing knowledge
does come in handy from time to time…

A Brief History Of The Kiss

A long time ago, scientists proclaimed that people found kissing pleasurable
because when the two lips met during kissing, an electric current was generated.

We now know this to be completely untrue but new studies have shown that
when two people embrace, hormones are released into the blood stream
which immediately induces a sense of euphoria when you feed on the
sweetness of your mouth.

On a final note, let me stress that kissing does not merely
involve the lips! A real kiss makes use of the tongue, that sensuous organ
you can use to delightfully explore the inner reaches of her mouth.

When kissing, think about absolutely nothing. Better still, don't think.
Let your mind blank out while you delight in the absorption of her
drugging nectar. Begin kissing with your lips slightly parted, not zipped shut.

Remember to relax them and don't let them freeze up. That will really
dampen the kissing experience. Do not start wet, with your mouth wide
open and you're tongue sticking out.

Using Your Hands

Use your hands when kissing. Many people simply waste them whe
kissing by using them only as some form of supporting themselves. You could
wrap them around her waist, use them to clutch her back or massage her scalp.
Wherever your hands are, use them.

Slowly increase pressure or graze gently but in non-erotic zones,
like the back, the shoulders, the arms. You should not use every
kissing session as a prelude to sex. Sometimes, kissing just for the sake
of kissing can be just as exciting as you absorb her very essence
into your cells. Many men think of kissing as a a prelude to sex.

They keep thinking, "Let's hurry up. Then we can get down to
the nice stuff" As a result, they rush through their kissing
and do not get to fully enjoy the delightfulness of a long, drugging, kiss

A Real Eye Opener

Once in a while, pretend it's the first time you have ever
kissed this person.
My advice to you is that you should only open your eyes when
kissing if you can stand the intimacy.


Men that just clamp their lips on their girlfriends
when kissing and never move their lips or alter the
angle of the kiss, lose out on the whole rhythm and
motion of a kiss. It should be something dynamic and
explorative, ever-changing, but not explorative in
the way that some people stuff their tongues in your
mouth as though they were searching for buried treasure or something!

One last thing, you should never prolong a kiss beyond
it's natural life. When you feel it is time to stop
kissing (after a few hours is fine by me), conclude the
session by drawing your lips away and giving a series
of shorter, but more intense kisses.

After the final one, draw away and just hold her,
gently rocking your body against hers.

You'd get sick and tired of a tender filet after
the third course, wouldn't you? And after the second
lobster, you would not be able to look a lobster in
the eye. So you see why it is that if the lip kissing
were indulged in exclusively, you would reach a point
where it would lose all of its rapturous savor.

Another way is to use the hold back technique. This
is a kiss where you don't actually kiss until about
1 and 1/2 minutes have passed. First when you start
to kiss you make her lust after you badly...but
never kiss her, pull back just slightly enough
that she can't kiss you but are still practically
touching... Once you have done this process several times
(Till you think it's enough) kiss them passionately..
My suggestion is the French kiss.
Advantages of Having Cuddles and Kisses Regularly

First of all...
Nothing is more soothing than cuddles and kisses.
Cuddles are known for their security, and they lift
you up when you're feeling down.
And third...
Kisses are one of the most loving acts around today.
They aren't just for foreplay anymore.