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The Hendricks Family Pet Page

These are all our animals...each one is so very special
to us.So I will tell you a little about each one.I also
have included some that have passed on or moved on from us.


She still has three weeks to go!!   Poor big belly girl....
This is Snickers.She is a two year old red bone hound dog
and obviously quite pregnant.Her pups are due on March 18th.
This is her first litter,and she had to be artificially
inseminated because she is so much taller than the male...
She came to us when the owner of her mom and dad came to
Valley county to hunt bear and ended up losing the whole
pack of dogs on the mountain.Steve looked for them for
several days for the people,who had to go back down the hill
to go to work.He found the pack,all high dollar dogs
with radio collars.The people were so grateful,that when
one of the dogs had pups,they brought one to Steve to thank him.
Obviously NOT too thrilled about pregnancy   Trying to relax on HER couch...with Bonnie


"Sissy and Jody"

Jody   Sissy
The Girls! These littermates are 4 year old Lab/Australian
Shephard mixes.They are great bird dogs.
Jody is more the mellow one,but she's fiercly protective
of her house and pick-up truck.As a matter of fact,she has
put two people in the hospital who she caught trying to break
in the truck.
Sissy is more playful...actually she is way too playful!
She knows howto shake and fetch and will show you for hours
and hours.She doesn't like getting a bath,but always finds
something stinky to roll in....
They both take the role of nurse dogs whenever Steve or I
are sick.You will find the girls right next to us to give us
all their love and support.They love to wake up house guests
by jumping on their bed.



Buster is the big alpha-male here.He has been with Steve
the longest.He thinks he is starving to death always.If
just one of the five bowls of cat food is low he will come
crying.He is kind of a bully,but only with some of the
other kitties.He learned about the outside world last year
when he was moved to the new house which is not on a main
road full of traffic.And he just loves it.Buster also is
a nurse kitty,and seems to know when Steve isn't feeling well.
He doesnt like strangers,or changes.His beautiful blue eyes
are not justified in his photos.



Tigger is the matriarch of our kitties.She is also the boss
until Buster tells her different.She is 4 but goes through
her second kittenhood often.Being spayed,she is a bit heavy..
ok,we call her earthquake...but she is super fast! She enjoys
playing games on the toilet when you go to the bathroom,like
"Pet me and I will flop".She will be sitting still one minute,
then be running full blast through the house the next with no
brakes.She is the epitomy of the curious cat.All new bags and
boxes that come in the house must be inspected thouroughly.Her
talents include laying on Steve's chest,making biscuits,and
chewing on his beard.She makes biscuits on me,but always seems
disappointed to not find a beard on my face.



This guy is kind of funny.He is a little stand-off-ish.He
really just wants to be close by,but not all cuddly like his
brother Chester.He loves to share a bowl of ice cream or a
zinger in bed.He really looks forward to it.


"Chester Pester"

Sebastian's brother.Like night and day.This fellow wants his
face rubbed and belly tickled before he goes to take a nap.
His eyes get all squinty,and he will make biscuits into the air
cuz he really likes his tummy rubbed.He will go to sleep in
your lap.This cat really has a winning personality.
Chester and Sebastian were orphans,losing their mom in a car
accident.Steve bottle fed them both so they would survive.



April is our little cry-baby girl.She lets out with such
a cry when you pet her,that you think she is hurt,but she
just has a funny voice.She is head bug-eater here at the house.
She was attacked by a dog when she was very small,and had to be
rushed to the vet for surgery,
(at 90 miles an hour down the mountain)
and still has a slight limp.But she gets along fine
with her dogs.You can't see in this picture her pretty gold eyes.



Smokey was an abandoned kitty,living under a broke down mobile
home eating next to nothing last December.He barely has a meow-
it is more like a squeak,perhaps from crying so much.But he came
to us and has truely blossomed.He is now bigger than Buster!He is
top mouser among our kitties.He has an unusal gait,like a panther.
He loves to cuddle the other cats,the dogs,and us.When new cats
come to live here,he is usually the first one to try and play with



"Miss" Cleo was the vet's cat,at his office,until she learned to open the
bags of cat food for sale and sample a few through the night.
A real loner,she doesn't get along with the other cats,and mostly
hisses and growls at them.She loves to be cuddled and petted though.
But she just really wants to be the only kitty.There have been loud
cat fights at night,usually her and Buster or Tigger.But we always
provide her with safe little nooks to hang out in,like the top of
the closet here,and she does ok.



Bonnie lost her owner,an elderly woman who had her in the house
part time(the apartment building didn't allow pets).When she died,
Bonnie kept hanging around her door...I overheard a child say that
someone was talking about taking Bonnie to some dogs to hurt her,
so she became cat #8....She is so fluffy and cute with no tail,
and she follows you from room to room.She loves to play with Smokey
and April...and thinks she can catch bugs up in the ceiling lights.